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[Food for Disabled] Muslims and vegan

Muslim customs Halal Food inbound Hospitality of the [Food for Disabled] corresponding to the Muslims and vegan [eating] As the foreign visitors will increase, making it important to respond to [food]. Or provide vegetarian and cooking even eaten with people where there is a meal to the limit, such as Muslims, such as vegan, [Food barrier-free the idea of ​​eliminating the barrier (the barrier) on food in or to display an easy-to-understand ingredients and cooking methods ]Is called. Also, it said that also one of the food barrier-free attention to people there is something that can not be eaten for health reasons, such as food allergies or lifestyle-related diseases. This time, to discuss the food barrier-free, I would like to know about how to hospitality from the point of view of [food] for the foreign visitors to increase. Attention to people with limited meal for reasons of religion In Japan, the proportion of non-religion is often not very familiar, but there are ingredients that believers are to avoid every religion and sect that is faith.

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