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Muslim customs Halal Food inbound Muslim-friendly town, trying to study in Kyoto! When considering study abroad, how do you choose a study abroad destination or school? Kyoto is about 0 things University, about 0 things professional school, there are about 0 things Japanese school, [the town of university] [student of the city]. If pains to study abroad, but it is I want to spend easy to student life. Then, towards the Muslims will introduce the Kyoto charm and good to know to be able to spend with confidence. I heard the FAQ Muslim students Student life, how do? For Muslim students, such as whether there is no inconvenience to life in Kyoto, I think you will actually whether care. So, now, I heard a story on Muslim student names in the study Kyoto. Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia Kyoto Institute of Technology Graduate School A's Please tell me the opportunity of the Kyoto study abroad. From that he was also a designer, interested in Japanese design, in order to obtain the knowledge of the design, I decided to study abroad in order to learn a favorite design in love Japan.

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