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Vegetarian also worry Muslims!

Muslim customs Halal Food inbound Vegetarian also worry Muslims! Introducing the Beppu eateries Ritsumeikan student organizations of the Asia Pacific Ocean University (APU), was made vegetarian, vegan (vegan), the Muslim (Muslim) leaflet that summarizes the restaurant of Beppu city to provide food for. And PR to residents and tourists, thought you'd like to enjoy life and tourism in Beppu with confidence. Center members of Veggie Lal, Indian S's (0), who grew up in the O's Hokkaido (0) and S's (0) start a restaurant tour from around last spring. Japanese ramen that are growing in popularity, Oita specialty products dried shiitake mushroom steak, shops to provide, such as Beppu own hell steamed dishes and cooperation abroad. Photos of the booklet and the appearance of the restaurant cuisine, contacts and business hours, posted such as a map. English, made a total of 00 copies in the Japanese version. It was placed in a location where the use of tourists, such as JR Beppu Station and Bus Center. It passed the selection of the APU to support the regional contribution activities to obtain a cost.

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