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Muslim customs Halal Food inbound About Halal The Muslim Muslims (Muslims) is not God except Allah, it does not exist in co-person to Allah, believe that is the only God, and Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), Allah of angels lower who believe that this is. Muslims in my life, must follow the item that Allah has ordered (also of). For the things that happen in your life, follow the rules defined in the Holy Koran. Holy Koran, the prophet-like, is a book that has been posted to Muhammad (blessings and peace). About Halal Halal is the word of Arabic, Halal = Halal = Halal = Are derived from more, literal translation is [those that are allowed. The cause Halal means the items that were permitted by Islamic law (mono = healthy products that = behavior behavior activity). To put an easy-to-understand, in the Muslim daily life, which in the mouth, what to wear, what is permitted by Islamic law will be Halal. Other things and activities will be haram (non-halal). In general, Halal, but we have been told for the food and drink, it must not satisfy the conditions of the halal even with below.

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