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Muslim friendly forefront

Muslim customs Halal Food inbound Muslim-friendly forefront (Government local government organizations ed.) As domestic Muslim friendly correspondence cases, the Inbound related facilities ed.], We introduced the university enterprise ed.]. The bullet is [Government local government organizations Operations]. Visit to Japan travel number of people from a lot of the beginning and the Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia Southeast Asia has been increasing year by year, foreign tourists visiting Japan the number of the fiscal year, about million people, an increase of year-on-year from Malaysia, the previous year from Indonesia was a million people, an increase of the ratio 0. Even many Muslims visit to Japan tourists are expected to visit Japan in the future. On the other hand, according to the indicators of the evaluation of the travel destination country in the eyes of the Muslim travelers, the Japanese meal correspondence of adequacy, low evaluation of an item, such as adequacy of the worship space, also scale of Muslim travelers Western and Eastern is the current situation less in comparison with the Asian countries.

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